We, French citizens, reject the electronic restrictions on cultural works which was established by the law on authors' rights (DADVSI law). This law, via the legislation of digital rights management (DRM) devices, threaten the right to fair use, innovation, individual freedoms and the the durability of works.

Works which we buy should be able to be viewed anytime, anywhere, with the equipment and the software of one's choosing, including free software. We want, for instance, to be able to lend music which we like, and to hand it down to our children.

We refuse to accept any law that considers hackers and lovers of culture as offenders.

We are calling for a demonstration against both DRMs and the DADVSI law on Sunday the 7th of May at the Place de la Bastille in Paris at 2 pm with the following guiding principles:

YES to authors' rights
NO to the DADVSI law
NO to the death of fair use
NO to digital rights management (DRM)
NO to threats to free software in France
YES to interoperability
YES to cultural diversity

This is an initiative of: stopDRM, APRIL, the Audionautes,,,, Framasoft, FSF France,, the ODEBI league.

If you are an association or an organization and if you wish to be a cosigner of the call/appeal, contact stopdrm AT

See the complete list of supports on StopDRM web site